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Giant Panda full Information/Description/Geography

Giant Panda Information-Panda Breed, Food, Subspecies, Classification
Giant Panda Info

A panda is a bear-like animal that is very beautiful and fat. The panda is mostly black and white. The panda has thick black and white fur on its body. Most panda's ears are small, thick, and black. A panda's arm is thick but not very long. Her hands have long and pointed nails. A panda's tail is up to 25 or 40 inches long. In the world, pandas belong to southern China. The panda derives its food from tree branches and fruit. But a wild panda is a carnivore. Which eats mostly rats, birds, and insects. Panda's favorite foods are fish, bananas, eggs, leaves, and honey. A male panda weighs up to 180 kg while a female panda weighs up to 140 kg. A panda's eyes, tail, mouth, nose, ears, arms, shoulders, and legs are composed of black fur. The panda lives mostly in snowy and rocky areas. Its fur is very thick and thick hair. Which keeps her body warm in a cold environment. The panda proves to be good as a pet. And most people keep it just for fun. Panda can be a very good friend of man. His teeth are short and pointed but not very long.

The panda is the national animal of China and it lives in the mountainous regions of China. All over the world, no one has pandas except China, but other countries buy from China. In addition to China, pandas are found in 140 countries around the world which are bought from China. A report from around the world shows that China has imprisoned 240 pandas. China promotes the Pandey breed and sends it around the world. In addition to China, pandas live in zoos in 18 different countries around the world. China currently has about 4,000 pandas. China makes every effort to save the panda breed and keeps it away from any danger. Because the panda is a very vulnerable breed, protective measures are taken for it.

Giant Panda Breed/Subspecies

Because the panda is a bear-like animal, it is considered a bear breed. There is only one breed of panda but it has different breeds depending on the color. The breed of panda is also known for its age. Or at the age of twenty-two.

Types of Giant Panda By Color

Black Panda

White Panda

Red Panda

Brown Panda

Red Panda

The red panda is a species of panda found in southern China. This is a carnivorous animal and a very dangerous animal. Because it is a very dangerous panda, it has been declared an endangered species all over the world. It is reddish red. The tail is long enough to be filled with thick hair. This breed of the panda was also asked from the breed of bear but later it was proved wrong. It is also a carnivorous animal that hunts only at night. This panda is just like a cat.

Giant Panda Information-Panda Breed, Food, Subspecies, Classification
Red Panda Info

Giant Panda Habits/Actions/Behavior

The panda is a land animal that prefers to spend most of its life between forests and mountains. Each panda lives in the area of its choice and prefers to be mostly alone. A male panda lives mostly with his family. A male panda likes to live with female pandas. After the two have sexual intercourse with each other, the female panda stays alone for a few months. From which female pandas give birth to their offspring and raise them. The Panda stays active only twice a day, in the morning and in the evening it stays slow for the rest of the time. The panda's stomach is large and bloated, which forces it to slow down. The panda is most active in June. And in winter it stays active only in sunlight.

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The panda mostly shows irritability. And it stays in its place all the time. Pandas communicate with each other through sound and scent marks. You may be surprised to learn that a panda defecates up to 28 kg at a time. But it excretes only once a day. Panda's memory is very slow. The panda is considered to be a very cheap and beautiful animal but it occasionally attacks humans due to its irritability. It takes refuge in caves and rocks and raises its children there.

Birth of Panda

Male pandas and female pandas meet and have sex. Panda mating season begins in March. The male panda enables the female panda to give birth. The male panda makes the female panda pregnant. As a result, the female panda goes into the cave and gives birth to her young for about three months. The male panda leaves the female panda all alone in the cave. The meeting time of the two pandas is usually six minutes. In which the female panda lowers her head and raises her waist upwards. The female panda is pregnant for about six months. From which the process of childbirth begins. And female pandas take great care of their uterus.

Most female pandas give birth to twins in about half the pregnancy. When a female panda gives birth to twins, those babies can live for a very short time. The female panda chooses one of the two healthy babies. And only she is breastfed. Because he knows that the second child is going to die soon. Female pandas cannot breastfeed their babies in large quantities because they have body fat. And a male panda can never raise its young.

Giant Panda Information-Panda Breed, Food, Subspecies, Classification-Panda Habits
Panda Breed

When a baby panda is born for the first time, it is very light, small, and pink in color. Pandey's baby has eyes but is born again so it cannot see. This baby is considered blind. This baby suckles from its mother's breast fifteen or sixteen times a day. And this baby drinks milk continuously for about 40 minutes at a time. After three and a half months, this baby panda starts crawling on the ground. And black and white hair begin to grow on her body. Which are very soft and supple. This is how the panda's baby's body slowly begins to grow a thick skin and it starts to grow. The female panda is very open with her baby and takes good care of him.

Number of living Pandas Worldwide

Number of live Pandas in China


Number of Pandas in other countries




Amazing/Interesting Facts about Giant Pandas

  • The eyes of a panda are different from those of all breeds of bears.
  • Panda babies become stronger in the first month.
  • Panda babies are very powerful and enthusiastic.
  • The panda's hand is very strong with its body which can hold all kinds of things very tightly.
  • The panda eats a lot and spends all day just eating and drinking.
  • Panda loves to eat bamboo.
  • Panda always likes to be alone.
  • The panda can eat the flesh of any animal other than bamboo.

Giant Panda Information-Panda Breed, Food, Subspecies, Classification
Panda Facts & Breed

Where does Panda live?

China has the most pandas in the world. It lives in the mountainous regions of China Panda breeds also originated in China. Panda lives in snowy, forested, and rocky areas. And the panda prefers to live in caves in the mountains.

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