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 It is a plant on which round flowers grow. The size of their flowers is usually small or large. The flowers of this plant are like a ball that is always around. The color of their flowers is more yellow and orange. It is a summer flower that blooms in summer. This flower was discovered in Mexico which is why it was named Mexican Marigold. (Native to Mexico)

Mexican Marigold Flower Full Information

Native to the Americas

Mexican Marigold Flower full Information
Mexican Marigold Flower

Related Name/Scientific Name of Mexican Marigold Flower

Tagetes Erecta, Yellow Flower, Full-Sun

Mexican Marigold Related Information/Article

Yellow Flower

This plant is from the genus Sunflower which is used for decoration. Its flowers are also cultivated for trade. The plant grows up to 180 cm in height. Only one flower grows on a twig of this plant. The area of one flower of this plant is about 12 cm. There are many species in the wild, consisting of yellow, red, and orange. They vary in height. The stem of this flower is not much longer, almost as long as a human hand. The leaves of this flower are bushy pointed and cut. The leaves on the top of the flower are very small and intertwined. (Taller Varieties)


The plant was first discovered in Mexico, then taken over by the United States, then supplied to other countries from the United States. It thrives in forests and thorny climates. People also use it to indicate the route. This plant is found mostly in Australia, Africa, Zimbabwe, and India.

Basic Information

Other Name

Tagetes Erecta

Common Name

Yellow Flower/Circle Flower/Boll Flower


180 cm

Soil PH


Bloom timing/Season

Early Summer Morning

Mexican Marigold Flower full Information
Mexican Marigold

History of Mexican Marigold


This plant has existed on earth even before humans. The plant belongs to the same family but has many species that have not yet been discovered. In previous centuries people used to make it a part of their dress. And the Hindus worship it by decorating it in a vase. When it was discovered in Mexico, Mexico was the first to use it as medicine.

Genus Tagetes

Sexually, there are two types of these flowers, one male and one female. By the way, these flowers are very fragrant, pleasant, and beautiful, but the male flower in these flowers is not more beautiful and big, but the female flower is much bigger than that. And is beautiful.

The people of China include this plant in religious festivals and their religious rituals. There was an incident in China in which a woman dressed in yellow and sacrificed herself for religion.

Mexican Marigold Flower full Information
Mexican Marigold Flower

Mexican Marigold Cultivation & Uses

People living in most villages cultivate this view more. This flower is used as most decoration. People all over the world use this flower for their happiness. People decorate their homes and favorite places with this flower. (African Marigold)

Medical Uses of Mexican Marigold

Yellow Flower

This plant is used for many purposes but it is also used to cure human diseases. This plant is very good for human health and it cures about 70% of diseases. This plant is used to increase the strength of the human body, cleanse the skin of the face, and to cure eye diseases. Comes in handy for and for cancer prevention. The plant is used in Mexico to improve digestion, relieve abdominal pain, and relieve liver pain. And in some countries, it is used to open the closed nose to relieve the common cold.

Soil for Mexican Marigold

Soil types are used for this plant. But this plant grows only in good and soft soil. It must have good fertile and well-drained soil. This plant never grows in dry soil or rocky soil.

(Poor Soil) 

Mexican Marigold Flower full Information
Mexican Marigold Flower

Temperature Effect on Mexican Marigold Flower

This plant should be grown at a normal temperature. By the way, it is a summer plant but it grows at low temperature. This plant does not tolerate dry places at all and gets burnt due to high temperatures. 

How to grow this plant from seed?

You collect the seeds in the spring and sow them indoors seven weeks before the cold.  You keep it at normal temperature and after 15 days your plant will come out and after 9 days it will have beautiful flowers.

Mexican Marigold Flower full Information
Mexican Marigold Flower

This plant is used for feeding bees, insects, and animals. This plant is very good for animal health and it can cure many animal diseases. In Mexico and USA, this plant is grown for animal feed. Scale used. It is a very effective decorator for all kinds of decorations. The seeds of this plant are also used to make oil which is used in food and beverages.

Mexican Marigold Flower

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