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In this article, I will tell you how to get Squid Game Season1/2 Netflix in Hindi and what is the story of the Squid game. You can easily get the squid game.

Squid Game Season 2 Netflix-Get & Watch Squid Game

Squid Game Season 2-Download Squid Game Netflix
Squid Game Season 2

Squid game is a web series that is a series of South Korea. The squid game has been uploaded on Netflix. There is a complete season of this series which has 9 episodes. Squid game season 1 was released in 2021. The squid game is a Chinese game. At the beginning of the Squid game, it is explained how this game is played. The squid game has some special rules.

Squid Game Story

The main actor of the Squid game is Seong. In this series, Seong is very poor and indebted. Seong has a mother and wife. And Seong has a daughter. In the Squid game, Seong's daughter is born and Seong can't give anything to his daughter. Seong's wife divorces him and remarries. Because Seong can't raise his daughter. Seong gambles and loses all the money.

Seong arrives at the railway station walking on the weary path. There Seong finds a man wearing a suit. The man goes downstairs to Seong and tries to talk to Seong. Seong is very angry and tells the man to leave. But the man does not go from there and invites Seong to a game. And he says if you win I will give you 1 lakh. If I win you will have to give me 1 lakh. The man tells Seong the rules of the game and accepts Seong. Because the Seong game seems very easy.

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That's how the man starts the game and loses the Seong. The man asks Seong for his money but Seong has nothing. That guy kills Seong and at the end of the game, Seong wins 1 million. The man gives Seong 1 lakh and invites him to come to other sports. But Seong does not believe. That's when the man stands up and tells Seong all the secret information. Soeng is shocked and takes the card with the man's address and phone number written on it.

After that Seong goes home and is very happy. And at night Seong misses his daughter. Seong wonders how he will raise his daughter and is worried. Then Seong takes the card out of his pocket and calls that number and says I want to play another game. Just then a car approaches Seong and knocks him unconscious.

Squid Game Season 2-Download Squid Game Netflix
Squid Game Season 2

This is how Seong gets into the game. There Seong meets an elderly man. With Seong, there are a lot more players. When Seong and the other players are told the rules of the game, they are all shocked and start fighting. Because they tell everyone that whoever loses a game will be killed forever. But Seong and some other players agree to play the game.

The old man who met Seong is the owner of this whole game but he doesn't tell anyone. And he plays the game. In the end, all the players lose and are killed. But only Seong wins the game and takes his prize money. Seong somehow finds out that the old man has killed all the players. And Seng asks him why he did that. Elder Seong responds by saying that I did it all for my enjoyment. I wanted to relive my childhood. And in the end, the old man dies too.

Squid Game Cast

Hoyeon Jung












Lee Hun

Kang Maal

How to get Squid Game in Hindi

Easily get Squid Game

You will need a website to get the Squid game. From this website, you will be able to get squid game in Hindi easily and for free.


You have to go to Google and open a 123mkv website. As soon as this website is open, you can see the 123mkv WEB SERIES button at the top of the search box. You click on it and all the web series will appear in front of you. This website will show you Ads that may make you a little worried.

Squid Game Season 2-Download Squid Game Netflix
Squid Game


The dashboard of all web series will appear in front of you. You have to click on the search button and type Squid Game in the search box. All the seasons of the squid game will come in front of you as soon as you press the search button. You can click on any season. I have clicked on season 1 of the squid game. That way you can too.

Squid Game Season 2-Download Squid Game Netflix
Squid Game 2


As you can see, all the details of the squid game have been revealed. In the information of the Squid game, I have explained who made this series, what is this series, which country made this series, what is the language of this series, and what is the releasing date of this series.

Squid Game Season 2-Download Squid Game Netflix
Squid Game

Below this, you will find the options of the squid game. First, you are told about the zip file, what is the size of the file if you want to get the squid game in a zip file. The size of one file will be more and the size of the other file will be less. Their size depends on the quality. And below that, you can see the buttons of all the episodes. By clicking on which you can easily get any episode.


I first click on the smaller zip file. If you want a small size zip file, the result will be 480 and it will be downloaded in less time. And if you want to take a larger zip file, it will take you a lot of time and the result will be 1080.

As soon as I clicked on the zip file, I was given 1 link which belongs to GDTOT. And below is the button. You click on this button.

Squid Game Season 2-Download Squid Game Netflix
Squid Game


As soon as you click on the button you encounter some ads. Will be. But these ads will have a generate my link button. You have to press this button. And you will see that GDTOT's website will open in front of you with a Squid Game button. You click on it and sign in to your Google Account with GDTOT. Your squid game will start.

Enjoy Squid Game.

Squid Game Season 2-Download Squid Game Netflix
Squid Game

Squid Game Releasing Date

Squid Game Season 1 = 17-Sep-2021

Director of Squid Ga

The Director of the Squid Game series is a Korean person (Hwang-Dong).


This article explains how to get Squid Game which is very accurate. In the article, the story of the squid game that I have written may have some errors.

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