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Pushpa: The Rise Part 1

Pushpa-Download Pushpa The Rise Part 1 Hindi
Pushpa: The Rise

The story of Pushpa Movie is about the smuggling of timber. Which is a movie about Allu Arjun, a famous actor from south India. In the film, Allu Arjun's name is Pushpa Raj. And his personality is like a laborer at the beginning of this movie.

At the beginning of Pushpa's movie, it is shown that Puspa is very poor and works in various places. But Pushpa is very proud because of which Pushpa loses his job everywhere. Pushpa is so proud that Pushpa doesn't consider anyone as his own. Pushpa always stays in his pride and mood. In the movie, Pushpa has a mother. Pushpa and her mother live in a rented house in a village.

Pushpa works as a wood fork in the forest. The forest where Pushpa works have very valuable trees (red sandalwood). The wood of these trees is smuggling around the world. It is illegal to cut down these trees. But Pushpa and other laborers cut down the trees and sell them. But at the same time, the forest police come to the forest. Pushpa kills these policemen and bribes them.

Pushpa Time Duration

2hrs 55min 7sec






325 crore


Allu Arjun




Rashmika Mandanna

Shooting Place

Hyderabad or Meromali forest

The villain in the movie smuggling the trees is happy to see Pushpa's work and asks Pushpa to work with him. Pusha starts smuggling the trees with this and continues to deceive the police. In this way, Pushpa becomes rich very quickly. Pusha buys her own house and car. Meanwhile, Pushpa falls in love with a girl and Pushpa falls in love with that girl. Pushpa is living his life in the same way that an honest police officer encounters Pushpa. But Pushpa also kills and defeats this police officer. Pushpa marries the girl of his choice.

Pushpa Cast

Hero & Heroine



Allu Arjun as Pushpa Raj


Dayanand Reddy

Rashmika Mandanna


Rao Ramesh

Samantha Ruth


Rajsekher Aningi

Anasuya Bharadwaj

Ajay Ghosh

Jagadeesh Bhandari

Get HD Hindi Pushpa Movie

You can easily get the Pushpa movie for free. From the website and method, I am going to tell you, you can easily download the movie for free. From this website, you can get many more besides Pushpa movies. On this site, you will find movies and web series from around the world, including Hindi Movies, English Movies, Hindi Dubbed, and all kinds of web series.


First, open your system browser and type 123mkv in it. As you type this, the website that pops up in front of you will open in a new tab.

Pushpa-Download Pushpa The Rise Part 1 Hindi
Pushpa: The Rise

You must type the word Pushpa in this search box. Remember you have to type the correct spelling. After typing Pushpa you press the search button. Pushpa Movie will come in front of you. Click on it to open it.


By clicking on it you will see that all the information about Pushpa Movie will come in front of you. You can see Pushpa Movie Language, Size, Country, Actros, and Genres. And if you look down there is a get button. Click on the download button (1 tap).

Pushpa-Download Pushpa The Rise Part 1 Hindi
Pushpa: The Rise

As soon as you click on the get button, another get button will appear in front of you. Click the G-Drive get button.


If you want to get the movie directly, you can click on the Direct Get button. But in that case, you may have trouble. I will tell you how to get the movie via G-Drive because this method is very easy. As soon as you click on the G-Drive button, you will see a link to GDTOT's website and movie. As soon as you click on the get & Play button, your movie will start downloading. You enjoy your movie.

Pushpa-Download Pushpa The Rise Part 1 Hindi
Pushpa: The Rise

How to get Pushpa Movie on Mobile

First, you need to open your mobile browser. And search by typing 123mkv in it. Open the website that will come in front of you and search by typing Pushpa in its search box.

As you have read above and learned how you can get Pushpa Movie into the system. The same method you have to use in mobile. The same steps that are on the computer will have to be done on the mobile as well. This way you can easily get Pushpa Movie on mobile too.

Pushpa Movie Releasing Date

Pushpa Movie was released in cinemas worldwide on 17 Dec 2021 and was published on social media on 14 Jan 2022.

When and where was Pushpa Film shot?

Pushpa film is an Indian film. The film was shot in a forest in India. In June 2020, the director of Pushpa film started shooting for Pushpa in Hyderabad but for some reason, the entire film will not be shot but half of the film was shot in Hyderabad. The film was then re-launched and shot in Nalgonda. The Indian government gave the director of Pushpa film very little time to shoot the film. The director of Pushpa film re-shot the film on 10 Nov Meromali and the Pushpa film was completed in 2 weeks.

How much business did Pushpa film do? – Pushpa Budget

The director of Pushpa Film had spent 325 crores on making the film. And Pushpa film easily earned 326.6 million worldwide.

Who is the director of Pushpa Film?

The director of Pushpa: The Rise part 1 film is Sukumar.


This post about Pushpa Film tells the story of Pushpa and how to get it.

The story I have written about Pushpa may contain some errors. But the gets method has been explained exactly. This is how I downloaded the movie.

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