A Deep Cry Inside😔💔 By ASN Blogs

Okay so why do we cry over someone?

This was my only question about why does each and every single thing of a person affects us. 

Ahsan Ali

Why do we get so emotionally bound by them? 

Our mood starts to get depending upon their messages and their behavior towards us. At this midnight I am sitting and wondering why our heart gets heavy and our soul left our body it feels like my soul has been buried and cremated in the grave somewhere somehow my body is sitting laying idoly. 

It's not even in our hands we just go n go on believing in someone we think that he is the perpetually one who you going to be. You show that faith, trust, love, and attachment, and suddenly something such happens that the person starts changing, and then you are the one crying n making your whole heart heavy going through trauma, anxiety, and depression but you doing so far who does care.

If someone truly does care did they put you down in such a situation you need to strive? Mistakes are acceptable but the way someone makes you feel continuously that is the worst thing ever could happen we don't understand what should we do and so on but the only thing in your heart is whether will they go away now. 

Crying won't heal anything but you could make your heart a bit light ❤‍🩹 But no one cares here if they cared they never had put you down in that situation. That's the reality of the world no one is yours just pretend to be. 

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