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Quota Exceeded Error

Here I will tell you how you can eliminate the Quota Exceeded error in Google Search Console. By following this, you can easily remove the quota exceeded error from the google search console. And if you face a Quota Exceeded error in the future, you will be able to solve it without anyone's help.


Friends, if you are blogging then obviously you will be using Google Search Console to control your website.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is used for website monitoring. You will know it. You test the URLs of your posts in Google Search Console and get them indexed. But we often face some errors in the Google Search Console. There are some errors in the Google Search Console that are fixed by Google itself and there are errors that we have to fix manually. Google spends a lot of time on the errors that Google corrects itself.

My Way of Working

  • Write a new post and publish it
  • Paste the URL of the new post into the URL inspection
  • Testing the URL live
  • If there is no problem with the URL then make an indexing request for it
  • Checking the URLs of the rest of the previous posts by pasting them in the URL Inspection

How did I get the Quota Exceeded?

Friends I am a blogger and write posts for my websites daily. Many of my website posts are indexed in google. A few days ago, I had the same method. On my part, I was doing the right thing. And once I pasted my URL in URL inspection as usual and after pressing enter, the Google Search Console displayed a notification in front of me.

That notification of the Google Search Console was something like this.

How to Solve Quota Exceeded Error in Google Search Console | ⚡100% Sovle ⚡
Quota Exceeded Error

What is Quota Exceeded?

When this quota exceeded notification appeared in front of me, I was immediately worried that the URL of any of my posts was not working in the URL inspection. Whenever I checked any URL or live test, only this notification was displayed in front of me. (Quota Exceeded Sorry we couldn't process this request because you've exceeded your daily quota. Please try submitting this again tomorrow).
I first confirmed that there is a mistake in the post or URL. I checked my post and URL manually, and I was satisfied that there is no such issue in my post or URL due to which this notification is coming to me again and again.

Then I checked my website property in the Google Search Console to see if there is any issue. But this was not an issue either.

After that, I tried to get information about this error or notification from Google. After doing some research on Google, I found out that the quota exceeded is not an error of any kind.

How to solve Quota Exceeded

After getting all information about Quota Exceeded I tried to solve it. I wanted to resolve the quota exceeded immediately. I tried hard to solve it immediately but it was not possible.

Because you cannot solve the quota exceeded immediately. Because there is a limit to using the URL inspection of the google search console. You can test or request only a few URLs daily in URL inspection. And I checked more URLs than the limit. Due to this the URL inspection period was terminated by me.

If you wait for the next day to finish Quota Exceeded, it will finish automatically. For example, if you check many URLs today, you will get a quota exceeded notification. And if you

For example, if you receive a quota exceeded notification at 6 o'clock today, it will end at 6 o'clock the next day. Its time is 24 hours. After 24h the quota exceeded automatically expires.

FAQs about Quota Exceeded

Why Quota Exceeded notification come?

Because you check, test, and request URLs more than the limit in URL inspection. While there is a specific limit to using URL inspection. When more URLs are checked then this quota-exceeded notification is seen.

Is there a quota exceeded error?

No quota exceeded, no error of any kind. Rather, it is a notification. This tells you that today's limit of using URL inspection is over. So it is not an error.

Can quota exceeded be eliminated immediately?

A quota exceeded cannot be eliminated immediately. Rather, it expires automatically within 24h. It cannot be removed manually.

Is quota exceeded harmful for websites or posts?

Absolutely not, quota exceeded does not cause any kind of loss. This is just a notification.

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