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Lion (Panthera Lions). This is a breed of cat and also a breed of Panthera. The Lion's skin is white on the underside and has black stripes. The upper part is brown and has black stripes on it. The shape of a Lion is usually similar to that of a cat. The Lion is a very dangerous carnivore. The Lion is known for all these qualities.

Lion Breed, Roar, Gender, Cubs, Hunting, Habits and Facts
Lion full Information & Facts

Lion Description/Infomation

A Lion is a very good hunter who never lets his prey go by his hand. The Lion usually hunts wild boar and deer a lot. And it not only preys on animals but also preys on humans. Lion's teeth are much stronger which helps in removing the prey's fur. Lions live mostly in open and large areas where they can raise their young. The Lion examines its prey and secretly attacks it. The Lion is a very clever and terrible animal which is why it is called the king of the jungle. A Tigress carries her young for two years, after which they become adults. And then these Lion cubs find their new home. The Lion is the most famous animal of all the animals in the world. The Lion has historically been a part of ancient myths and cultures. The Lion's shape is present on many weapons and flags of the world. The Lion is the national animal of many countries.

The Lion was first discovered in 1758. The world's first Lion was discovered in western and eastern Anatolia. And were very widespread in the north and south. In the twentieth century, the number of Lions was recorded at about 95%. And the number of Lions in Asia and China was very low. But if we talk today, Lions are spread all over the world. Today, Lions are found in every part of the world, from the Indian subcontinent to Pakistan and India. The Lion is a very dangerous and deadly animal that is why the Lion was declared red list in 2015 worldwide. Because the Lion attacks man without thinking. And in a few seconds, it tears the person apart.

Global World Wide Population of Lions
























Generations/Breed/ Subspecies/ Descendant of Lions

Many breeds of Lions were discovered in the Lion species. Many questions were raised about the breeds of Lions in 1999. The Lion was divided into several breeds based on its skin, size, shape, and color. But in this way, it was becoming very difficult to understand the Lion breeds, and then the Lion breeds were listed in terms of countries. But later the Lion was divided into only two basic breeds. The main two breeds of the Lion are Asia and Island. 

  • Panthera Lions
  • Sunda Lions

Related Lion Breeds/Subspecies

Javan Lion

South China Lion

Bali Lion

Bengal Lion

Mayalan Lion

Asian Lion

Indian Lion

Ice Lion

Growth/Development/Changes/Transformation of Lion & Tiger

The earliest relative of the Lion is the leopard, commonly called the leopard. The cheetah is also a breed of the Lion but it was isolated. The cheetah is not stronger than the Lion but the leopard is more agile than the Lion. The leopard and the Lion have a very close relationship. Male Lions and female Lions have sex with each other. As a result, their children are born. And the Lion becomes a complete family. The Lion meets the needs of its young and teaches them the principles of hunting so that they can eat for life. Lion cubs stay with their father until they reach adulthood and then leave. Because these kids learn everything by this age and set up their new home.

Lion Breed, Roar, Gender, Cubs, Hunting, Habits and Facts
Lion & Tiger Information and Facts

Related/Basic Info about Lion & Tiger

The Lion is a very powerful and strong animal with a large skull, long tail, and thick skin on its body. The Lion's skull consists of the strongest bones. Lion fur usually consists of two colors, brown and black. Lion fur has long black stripes. Which look very beautiful and charming. Lion fur hairs are very thin and soft. There are a lot of brown hairs around Lion's neck. Which is called Lion's beard.

The skull of a Lion is almost identical to that of all Lion breeds. Part of it is oblique. The teeth of a Lion are very strong like a stone. The Lion's teeth are long and pointed, which helps the Lion to tear the prey's skin and flesh. A Lion's tooth is about four inches long.

Size/Difference of Lion

Each male lion is bigger in terms of height while the female is smaller. The male lion weighs more and the female lion weighs less. And the male lion's claws are bigger and thicker while the female's claws are lighter. A young lion is very powerful, cunning, and dangerous. Lion cubs are small, just like a cat. Due to a lack of physical energy, these children do not have enough strength to hunt on their own.

Male Lion Size & Weight

Female Lion Size & Weight

5.7-8.4 feet

400-575 Pounds

4.5-5.9 feet

300-400 Pounds

Lions in terms of colors

The world's population has grown to such an extent that human habitation has dwindled, which is why man has started deforestation. That is why all the animals in the world are becoming less and less. Man begins to cut down forests for his own benefit, which is causing the extinction of animals. Similarly, only a few species of lions survive in the world. The following are some types of lions.

  1. White Lions
  2. Golden Lions
  3. Striped Lion

The white lion has some physical weaknesses. All the blanks on her body are completely white and her eyes are blue. Of all the breeds of lions, these are the sweetest and most beautiful. White lions inherit their color. Black is found in very small numbers in white lions. The white lion is found mostly in India and Assam.

Lion Breed, Roar, Gender, Cubs, Hunting, Habits and Facts
Lion Information & Facts

LifeStyle of Lion

The lion likes to live in open and large forests. Lion populations grow where forests are widespread. In the forest, the lion likes to live near the river. The lion likes to be isolated from other animals and lives alone. The lion always lives in a place where water and mountains surround it. Most Lion rocks live very much in the area.

Hunting Style of Lion

The style of hunting a lion is very good and cunning. The lion examines its prey from the very end. The lion always hunts in two ways.

  1. One way is that the lion goes alone and strikes from the front without chasing the prey and gets its prey.
  2. And the second method is that the lion goes with its female Lion and chases the prey and then attacks it from behind.

Lion Breed, Roar, Gender, Cubs, Hunting, Habits and Facts
Tiger Information & Facts

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