Cholesterol Control Diet and Methods

Cholesterol Control Diet and Methods

 What is cholesterol? 

Cholesterol Control Diet and Methods   What is cholesterol?

You may have heard its name. Its excess is not good for human health. Cholesterol is a sticky substance that is formed in our liver and then continues to enter the blood circulating in our body.

 Although generally considered harmful.  But it also has some benefits.  Without this substance, new cells cannot form in the body.  Vitamin D cannot be made without it.  It is also needed to make bile acids and important hormones like projector one and estrogen.  But it can also be dangerous if overdosed.  This greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.  So it is very important that you are aware of the level of cholesterol in your blood and if it is excessive then there is some way to control it.

Cholesterol Control Diet and Methods   What is cholesterol?

 How Cholesterol Increases?

Most people have high cholesterol

You may have heard of complaining but it is rare

 People will know how it is created.  And what doctors refer to as lipoprotein is cholesterol, because it is a single substance, so it cannot flow with the bloodstream. It combines with proteins to form lipoprotein particles.  Particles that are low in fat (High-density lipoproteins (HDL).

Those that are high in fat have low-density lipoprotein LDL

Called When the amount of LDL (bad cholesterol) in your blood rises, it clings to the walls of the arteries and causes blockage for the heart to keep the blood flowing in those arteries, which sometimes causes blood in the arteries.  Problems such as coronary heart disease and stroke occur. In contrast, there is HDL, which is good cholesterol, which sends bad cholesterol back to the liver, from where it is cleared in the body.  Cholesterol levels affect our body for a variety of reasons, such as weight gain, smoking, and a lifestyle that involves sitting down and doing no physical activity.

 If the family already has heart disease and high cholesterol, the risk of developing them increases. In this case, it is important to protect your diet and physical health.

 One of the main causes of cholesterol complaints is aging as we surround it.

 How to lower cholesterol?

 There are a number of cholesterol-lowering medications, but to keep it to a certain extent, it is important to make positive lifestyle changes and adopt a few natural ways to lower your cholesterol.  The name of the process is simply taking porridge instead of pratha for breakfast does not lower cholesterol. It is necessary to change your routine which helps in lowering cholesterol.


If you are overweight, your cholesterol will increase.  Losing weight can also lower cholesterol.  Research has shown that K5.  Less than 10% weight loss helps prevent LDL cholesterol and other problems.  Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.


 Increased cholesterol and smoking are associated with the skirt.  From smoking

LDL cholesterol rises and the walls of the arteries begin to narrow.  Which increases the risk of heart disease.  Quitting smoking can make a big difference.  In this regard, human judgment plays an important role.  A


 It has been proven that exercise with your diet lowers cholesterol in the body. According to experts, cholesterol and fats provide fuel to the body and exercise helps in determining the source of energy in the body.  Strengthens


 Foods from plant sources help lower cholesterol and help prevent various heart diseases and diseases. Research has shown that the protein found in plant foods is derived from animals.  It lowers cholesterol over protein, which is known to help block arteries and fight heart disease.


 You may be surprised to find that you are taking things that help lower your cholesterol, such as using cinnamon in your tea or coffee or adding garlic to your diet.  So you inadvertently lower cholesterol

Research has shown that both garlic and cinnamon reduce cholesterol levels.


 There are two types of fiber, an absorbent and a non-absorbent, both of which are important components of a balanced diet.  Pulses are absorbed into the body quickly.

 LDL cholesterol can be reduced by 5 to 10% by using them. Absorption of fiber in water and other body is depleted.  Are are

 On the other hand, non-absorbent Khyber water and cooking help from other countries help in expulsion. 25 to 30 grams of both are useful daily.

Processed food

From foods that have been processed LDL

It is more likely to increase, as white fats in trans fats cause inflammation in the body and according to experts, inflammation along with high cholesterol causes blockage of arteries and other diseases in them. 


You may know about unsaturated fats or fats but few people know that increasing their intake in their diet raises blood cholesterol levels. Fish from olive oil, vegetables, dried fruits, and seeds  Eggs are very good for the heart and are amazingly known for raising cholesterol.

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