All About Backlinks-How to create High Quality Do-Follow Backlink-Easy way to create Do-Follow Backlinks

Backlinks are a way for a website to get organic traffic to your website. For any website or blog to rank in Google, building backlinks is very important. Backlinks are of different types. For example, Do-Follow Backlinks, No Follow Backlinks, and SEO Backlinks. The most important and popular type of backlink is the Do Follow backlink. Which is very important to get traffic. In other words, backlinks are an easy way to get traffic to your website and rank your website in Google through backlinks.

What is Backlinks

Backlinks are an easy way to get traffic to your website and rank your website in Google through backlinks. In actual words, backlinks are when you leave your link on someone's website and someone else clicks on your link.

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All About Backlinks-How to create High Quality Do-Follow Backlink-Easy way to create Do-Follow Backlinks
High-Quality Backlinks

If you are making backlinks, then take special care that the backlink you are making should be a high-quality backlink. High-quality backlinks also increase the DA and PA of the website. Some backlinks are also spammy. Before creating high-quality backlinks, get all the information about that website, and how much is the spam score of that website. If the spam score of that website is high, a high-quality backlink cannot be created there. If the spam score of that website is more than 1%, then creating a backlink there will harm your website. Because the spam score of that website is high. If the spam score is 1% then you can create high-quality backlinks.

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Low-Quality Backlinks

Low-quality backlinks are those links that are harmful to your website. If you create your link on a spam website, it becomes a low-quality backlink which proves your website is bad and lowers the ranking of your website.

Due to low-quality backlinks, your website can never appear in the Google search engine. For example, if you create backlinks on a website that is very bad (spam, adult, porn), then the user who will come to your site from there will be spam. Due to this the spam score of your website will be high.

High-Quality Backlinks

As the name suggests, high-quality backlinks are very good and useful for a website. High-quality backlinks can be built on any popular and old website. By creating high-quality backlinks, your website ranks very quickly and quickly in Google's search engine, and with the help of high-quality backlinks, the website's DA and PA are also high.

Remember that the best high-quality backlinks are made on websites that are very old and have high DA and PA.

How to create High-Quality Backlinks?

Websites that are very old and have high DA and PA can generate high-quality backlinks through guest posting on these websites. Apart from this, some websites allow you to write posts/articles for free. You can create high-quality backlinks for your website by writing your articles/posts on this website.

Internal Linking Backlinks

You can do internal linking by linking your other articles to your website. This link would be good for your website.

For example, two articles related to cooking are already available on your website and you are writing another article related to cooking, so the articles already available on your site, you can link those two articles to that article. I can relate to what you are writing. In this way, the user will go from one article to another. Due to this your PA will be higher.

Types of Backlinks

There are basically two major types of backlinks. But backlinks are created in many ways.

  • Do-Follow Backlinks
  • No-follow Backlinks

Out of these two types, most people prefer to build do-follow backlinks. Because Do-follow backlinks benefit the website a lot. If you get a do-follow backlink on a big and old website, your website will always rank in the Google search engine and the DA and PA of your website will increase very quickly.

Do-Follow Backlinks

Do-follow backlinks are very important for any website or blog. Do-follow backlinks can always be made on a big website (which has high DA and PA and low spam score). Do follow backlinks always get traffic to your website? Apart from this, Google also promotes do-follow backlinks. Google always ranks do-follow backlinks in the search engine. If you want to build backlinks, do follow backlinks.

All About Backlinks-How to create High Quality Do-Follow Backlink-Easy way to create Do-Follow Backlinks
Do-Follow Backlinks

Benefits of Do-Follow Backlinks

  • Your website will always be trending and searching.
  • Your website's DA and PA will continue to grow.
  • Automatic traffic will keep coming to your website.
  • Your link will never be spam.
  • Your website's revenue will continue to increase.
  • Google will always keep your post on top.

How to create Do-Follow Backlinks?

Most people have trouble building do-follow backlinks. Because other websites charge money for link building. If we talk about how to make follow-back links free, then there is an easy and simple way. Through this, I create do-follow backlinks myself.

This easy and simple method is Wikipedia.

As soon as they hear the name Wikipedia here, some people think that it is a completely useless method. But it is not. Because Wikipedia is a very big and old platform. And most people build high-quality do-follow backlinks from Wikipedia itself.

You create your account on Wikipedia and set up a profile. After that, write articles on Wikipedia the same way you write posts for your website and put links to your website in those posts. If you get traffic from Wikipedia, then in the eyes of Google, that traffic will be considered original. Apart from this, you can edit other's articles on Wikipedia and add your links.

Apart from this, Quora is an excellent platform for creating do-follow backlinks. This website is for questions and answers. On Quora, you should search for questions about your website and answer those questions as you wish, and while answering, put the link to your website in the answer. Google also promotes Quora questions. DA and PA of Quora are also very high which can rank your website. Remember that the backlinks you will make on Quora will be high quality and do follow backlinks. From which you will always get traffic.

No-Follow Backlinks

This is also a type of backlink and a no-follow backlink is also very important for a website or blog. Most people prefer to create no-follow backlinks because of some reasons. A no-follow backlink helps bring traffic to your website but a no-follow backlink does not rank your website, post, or articles in search engines. Any no-follow backlink only gives traffic to your website.

For example, you have created a no-follow backlink for your website on the website. Now that no-follow backlink will help any user to reach your website. Apart from this, that no-follow backlink does not promote your website or rank it in search engines. The no-follow backlink is not valuable.

If you are starting blogging then you should first try to create No-follow backlinks for your website. Because I think that having No-follow backlinks is also very important for the website. While no-follow backlinks do not have any particular harm, they are helpful. If your website is completely new then no-follow backlinks can be useful for you.

How to create No-follow Backlinks?

You can create no-follow backlinks very easily. You can directly share the link of your post/articles on social media. Apart from this, you can create a no-follow backlink by sharing your website link on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, snap chat, Whatsapp, and others such platforms. Apart from this, you can also get backlink services from Fiverr which is paid.

A very easy and simple one, which I use to create no-follow backlinks for my website. You can also create no-follow backlinks using this method. In this method, you will use an HTML code. You have to use your website link in this code. This is the HTML code. How to use is explained below.

<a href="https://Your Website URL/">Your Keyword</a>

Where (your site URL) is written in this HTML code, you have to paste the link of your website or any post. And next, where (keyword) is written, you have to write some keyword of your choice. (Very good article, very helpful, and informative, thanks for sharing). You can use some keywords like this.

Now for example you are reading an article that is related to blogging. You have to comment below the article and paste the same HTML code in the comment that you edited. As soon as you submit your comment, you will see that all the coding of that code has disappeared and only the keyword that you wrote in that code will appear in the comment. Now, whoever clicks on that keyword, will reach your website or post, the link which you had put in the code.

In this way, you can easily create no-follow backlinks which are good for getting traffic.

Difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks

Do-Follow Backlinks

No-Follow Backlinks

Life Time Traffic

Temporary Traffic

Increase DA and PA

Not Increase DA and PA

Always Rank in Search Engine

Not Rank in any Search Engine


Not Valuable

Google can Promote

Not Promote

It is difficult to Create

It is Easy to Create

All About Backlinks-How to create High Quality Do-Follow Backlink-Easy way to create Do-Follow Backlinks
Do-Follow and No-follow Backlinks

How to create Automatic Backlinks?

Automatic backlinks mean that you will not create any kind of backlink yourself. If you want to create automatic backlinks, then by following this one thing, your automatic backlinks will start to be created.

You write good content for others. Content that benefits people. You should always publish content that people can solve their problems by reading because people never read or watch something that does not benefit them. If you write good content, other people will automatically share your content. Which will make your backlinks.

Always remember that you write content for the benefit of others and not for search engines.


Are low-quality backlinks harmful to a website?

Yes indeed, low-quality backlinks are always harmful to a website. Low-quality backlinks spam your website. Apart from this, the DA and PA of your website also decrease and your website becomes disabled.

Do high-quality backlinks hurt a website?

No, high-quality backlinks do not harm your website in any way. Rather, your website ranks in Google Search Console. Also, high-quality backlinks always promote your website.

Is it necessary to create no-follow backlinks for a website?

Yes, having no follow links is very important for any website. Because they help your website get traffic.

Do no-follow backlinks harm a website?

No, no-follow backlinks do not harm your website in any way.

Do websites need to have backlinks?

Yes, having high-quality backlinks is a requirement for any website. Because they promote your website and increase your revenue.

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