How to viral your YouTube Shots-The Ultimate Guide

YouTube is the biggest source of earnings through social media. Now social media is considered incomplete without YouTube.

YouTube shorts are very short videos of about 8 to 58 seconds (under 60 seconds). YouTube shorts don't last as long as other YouTube videos, they can go viral anytime. You should be very careful about the size of YouTube viral videos. YouTube promotes shorts and sends more traffic to them as compared to YouTube long or normal videos.

How to viral your YouTube Shots-The Ultimate Guide
YouTube shorts Viral

How to viral YouTube Short Videos

To make YouTube shorts go viral, first, you should keep in mind that keyword research is not as important for YouTube viral shorts as it is for longer videos. Because hashtags and keywords are useful for search purposes but YouTube shorts are not searchable, you cannot find shorts by searching. YouTube sends more views to short videos than regular videos.

If you want to make your YouTube shorts go viral, you need to follow the instructions below. You can grow your channel through YouTube short videos. YouTube shorts can go viral and reach millions in a matter of days.

  • The first important step to making a short video go viral on YouTube is audience retention.
  • Retaining your audience is very important for YouTube shorts to go viral. You need to retain a large audience. YouTube will promote your shorts if your video has the potential to attract a large audience.
  • The next important point is that you need to create suspense in your videos in order to retain more audience. You need to create suspense in your videos in order to retain more audience because Suspense is what can bind your audience to watch your full shorts video.
  • To make your YouTube short video go viral, you need to upload emotional content in the video like emotional moments related to any sport, especially cricket or war, patriotism, love of mother or father, children or friends their moments of care, trust or happiness and short video on any disaster. Like the recent flood situation in Pakistan, about the people displaced by the floods. Emotional content has a higher chance of promoting your YouTube channel and YouTube short videos go viral. 
  • For viral YouTube short videos, be careful that your video should be no longer than 25 seconds. This should be between 15 and 25 seconds. Most people make short videos of 50 to 55 seconds which is not the right length for viral videos on YouTube.
  • To make your YouTube short video viral, don't upload videos copied from TikTok or snake videos, or any other social media platforms. Create your own original content to go your video viral in hours.
  • To make your YouTube shorts video go viral, take advantage of any celebrity’s popularity and make a short YouTube video on them and go viral. For example, take a video of a celebrity or a segment of a famous person and do commentary on it.
  • For YouTube viral video your video aspect ratio should be 9:16 or 1:1.
  • In the description, you should write YouTube Shorts, YouTube Shorts Videos, or YouTube viral shorts.

YouTube Policies about Shorts

How to viral your YouTube Shots-The Ultimate Guide

According to YouTube's policies, YouTube shorts must be at least 5 seconds to 58 seconds. The video should be in vertical video format and the word 'short' should be written in the title or description. YouTube shorts do not need to include the hashtag (# )in the title or description. 


In short, we can conclude that you cannot monetize your channel with short viral YouTube videos. Short videos that go viral on YouTube may not increase your watch time, and they don't pay you. YouTube Viral Shorts can't help you monetize your channel and it doesn't pay you any money but it can help you increase your subscriber’s money but it can help you increase your subscriber’s money but it can help you increase your subscribers.

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