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 The German shepherd is a dog. This dog is called the German shepherd because it originated in Germany. You may have seen many dogs in the world but a German shepherd is also a type of dog. Dogs come in different sizes. But the German shepherd breed is of medium size.

German Shepherd full information
German Shepherd Information

German Shepherd full Information

It started in 1899. It has long hair on its body. Which are mostly in two colors. Which are black and brown. This dog's neck is quite thick. And her ears stand up. It looks quite dangerous. Just like a terrible wolf. People initially used it to protect their goats. But even now it is very popular all over the world and people like it very much. Because they are very powerful, intelligent, and obedient. Police and armies around the world also use it for their purposes. Because their sense of smell is very sharp. These dogs are also used for acting. It is the third generation in the United States and the seventh in the United Kingdom. (German Shepherd full information)

Basic Information about German Shepherd

Basic Information about German Shepherd

Related Names

German Shepherd

Wolf Dog

Berger Dog

Common Name










These canines are of medium to enormous size. The size of a speck is normally 65 cm. Also, the size of the substance is typically 60 cm. These canines grow up contingent upon their tallness. The heaviness of these canines can't be determined. The tops of these canines resemble an arch. The eyes and noses of these canines are dark and brown. Their eye size is somewhat more modest than the natural eye. They look exuberant when they are upstanding. Their necks are very long and thick. These are exceptionally quick canines. The German shepherd dog is only ready to compete with high-breed dogs. These dogs do not compete with any other breed of dog. These dogs have two hair follicles inside their body. The hairs on their outer skin are long and thick.

(German Dogs Info)

German Shepherd full information
German Shepherd 

Types of German Shepherd

Related Info about German Shepherd

There are different 5 types of German Shepherd. Which differ from each other in shape and color.

  • Panda German Shepherd 
  • White German Shepherd (Very famous)
  • Sable German Shepherd 
  • Black German Shepherd (very famous)
  • Saddle German Shepherd

Usually this dog we see only in two colors. But he's white and the black race is considered very important. They are very valuable and people keep them as friends. These are good friends.

Intellectual & Mental Capacity German Shepherd

Nature of German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is kept together only because of his brain. A book has been written in the United States on all breeds of German Shepherds. The police, army, and other intelligence agencies keep this dog especially with them. These dogs are mostly used by the police and army to search for objects or people. The German Shepherd does all his work very quickly.

The mood of German Shepherd 

Nature of German Shepherd

The German shepherd proves to be very good in terms of temperament. People call him their good protector. He is very intelligent who understands everything. He mixes with people as a friend. If he is taught well then it is not dangerous at all. It loves to play with children. And children are not at risk. But it is also very dangerous if it is spoken wildly. If you come across it in the jungle, it will attack. But if her young child is brought home and raised and taught, it is not harmful at all.

German Shepherd full information
German Dogs Info

Food of German Shepherd 

Nowadays there is a special food market for these dogs. Which is sealed in a box and dried. Usually, their diet consists of small biscuits. Which are exclusively for these dogs and these dogs prefer this food. But people also give her homemade food. Most people give him bread that he likes to eat.

The specialty about German Shepherd 

Facts of German Shepherd

  1. This is a favorite animal of many people.
  2. Everyone likes to have it with them.
  3. This is a good protector.
  4. This is very loyal & courageous.
  5. Some people consider it part of their family.

Uses of German Shepherd 

The German Shepherd is used for many purposes. Some of which we are telling you. This dog is most used by police and army personnel. It can also be used to catch or intimidate a thief. Dogs sniff out what humans can't find. Some people even use it for their protection. This dog works at the behest of its owner. It finds the lost person or thing.

German Shepherd full information

The German Shepherd is very different from others. It does not like in the dirt at all but like cleanliness. It lives in a cold area which is why it is in good health. If we keep it in a warm area, it will be harmful to its health.

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