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Turkish Angora is a special type of cat that is used domestically. The Angora/Persian cat breed is the oldest that was discovered in Anatolia, Turkey. This breed of Angora cat was discovered and registered in the 17th century. This breed of Angora cat is not known by its real name. Most people call it a white cat or Persian cat.

Turkish Angora Cat Breed
Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora History & Information (White/Persian Cat)


Like all cats, the Angora/Persian cats are domesticated. And the first breeds of Angora cat are found in the forests of Africa. The Angora/Persian cat family also originated in the jungles of Africa. The Angora cat has long white hair on its body. There are many colors in this Angora cat species but most people prefer to keep a white cat. Types of Angora/Persian cats include yellow, red, brown, blue, and many more colors. The long hair of this cat is the reason for its beauty and the color of this cat's eyes is different. Usually, one eye color is yellow and the other eye color is blue. The Angora cat is very beautiful, clean, and sensible. It is a good friend to people. It is a pet that works on your gestures.

History about Angora Cats

Is Turkish Angora rare?

The Angora/Persian cats were discovered in the fifteenth century in Asia, Persia, Russia, Britain, and France. Then in the 16th century Europe registered this breed of the cat under a different name. Europe named all long-haired cats as Persian cats, but this was later disproved. The Angora/Persian cat was exhibited in Canada in 1963 and was recognized by the Canadian Association. The United States, Russia, and other countries exhibited this Angora/Persian cat in every way in their zoo. People who raise it in Turkey say that its value breed is very good and has a strong balance.

The physical appearance of Angora Cats (Persian cats)

Turkish Angora Personality/Habits 

Physically the Angora/Persian cats are different in different ways thick or thin. Angora cat is found in different colors but is usually more visible in white color. In particular, the color of the inside of the cat's eyes is different. Angora/Persian cats have a very bright white coat and long hair and thick hair. Turkish Angora cat is very healthy and lively. This kitten is like a white soft-shell. As you mentioned earlier, a Turkish cat has different eye colors and its ears are very wide and pointed. It has the shape of a ship that always keeps its tail straight.

Turkish Angora Cat Breed
Turkish Angora Cat Breed

Habits/Behavior/Actions of Turkish Angora/Persian Cats

Diseases of Turkish Angora/Persian Cats

Feelings of responsibility, discernment, and flirtation are found only in this cat. The Turkish Angora/Persian cat loves to play with babies. The kittens do certain activities that prevent them from surviving into adolescence. Usually, Turkish Angora/Persian cats get sexually transmitted heart disease. It has been found between the ages of one and five years. So far no research has been done on this disease of the cat in the world. And I think that there should be some research on this disease of the cat because it is a very precious breed. Is.

About Turkish Angora Cat

Taking Care of Turkish Angora/Persian Cats

The cat is usually very clean but due to dirt, it gets infected with many diseases. The hair on its body is very clean and shiny but it also suffers from skin diseases. Should always be kept in a clean environment in an environment in which you like to live. 

  • Her teeth should be cleaned daily.
  • Her nails should also be cut once a week.
  • It should also be bathed once a week.
  • Her body hair should be cleaned daily with a damp cloth.
  • Her ears should also be cleaned daily.

Keep it inside a softbox according to its size. Her eyes are very soft and sometimes she loses her life due to some contact. Take special care of her bathroom. Keep it away from other stray cats to avoid these diseases. Give it food on time and keep it safe from outside dirt.

Turkish Angora Cat Breed
Turkish Angora Cat Breed

Angora/Persian Cat Basic Information & Turkish Angora Colors

Turkish Angora/Persian Cat Basic Information


Playfulness & Teasing

Very High


8-15 inch


7-16 Pounds

Life Timing

8-15 Years

Hair Length



Red, Orange, Blue, Gray, White, Silver, and Black



Mental Capacity

Very High

Playing & Nature with

Families, Dogs, other cats, children’s

Other Specialties

Very strong, Easy to train, Very loyal, Friendly, and many other things

Other Names

Ankara Cat/Persian Cat/White Cat



Price of Turkish Angora/ Persian Cats

How much does Turkish Angora cost?

All the countries of the world vary the price according to their currency. The price of a child is around 800$ to 1,600$.

But when it comes to a young cat that is high-bred, handsome, healthy, and smart, it can cost anywhere from 1700$ to 3000$.

Turkish Angora Cat Breed
Turkish Angora Cat Breed

Q.Is Turkish Angora aggressive?


Q.Are Turkish Angora playful?

Yes very playful

Q.Where found Turkish Angora

Turkey(Anatolia), In worldwide 

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