Hockey Game-Hockey Olympics-Hockey History-Hockey World Cup-Pakistan Hockey

In this article, you will be introduced to the history and hockey games. In addition, all the information about the Hockey Olympics is given here. You can read about Pakistan's hockey team here.

Hockey Game

Hockey is a game played between two teams. Involved in the Hockey Olympics in 1908. Hockey is played in such a way that both teams move a ball in the opposite direction with the help of a hockey stick. This is called rounding.

Hockey Game-Hockey Olympics-Hockey History-Hockey World Cup-Pakistan Hockey
Hockey Game

Here are some important things about hockey

The game of hockey is always between two teams. Each hockey team consists of 11 players. Hockey players have different positions. These include goalkeeper, left full-back, right full-back, right half, center half, left half, right out, right in, center forward left out, and left in.

Hockey History

The history of hockey is very interesting. Because hockey is a very old sport. And the subcontinent is coming from Pakistan and India. The game of hockey first originated in Iran. The game of hockey reached Europe from Iran. The game of hockey was then first played in Europe in France and thence to England. In the early eighteenth century, the British introduced the game of hockey in the Indian subcontinent. Thus the game of hockey became famous all over the world.

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Hockey Olympics

Hockey is included in the Olympics in 1908 first time. The first country to win an Olympic gold medal was the United Kingdom. And won the gold medal in hockey. And this honor remained with India till 1950.

Hockey International Roller Board (HIRB)

In the 19th century, an organization called the International Hockey Roller Board (IHRB) was established, under which the rules and regulations of the game were made. The game of hockey is supervised by two persons who are fully acquainted with the rules and regulations of the game. And these two persons are called referees. Initially, their powers were limited. But later their powers were increased. If a player makes a mistake while playing hockey, he is given a warning. If a player makes a mistake again, the referee warns him of a serious mistake. If he makes a mistake or intentionally makes a mistake, the referee excludes him from playing the rest of the match.

Hockey Game-Hockey Olympics-Hockey History-Hockey World Cup-Pakistan Hockey
Olympics Hockey

Hockey Field

The hockey field is 91.4 m long. And 55m wide. Different parts of the hockey field are highlighted by an eight-meter wide strip. In hockey, the goal post is 3.2 meters wide and 2.1 meters high. The front of the goal post is open while the rest has strong netting on all sides. Out of all the players, only the goalkeeper is allowed to wear gloves, pads, and a helmet. And no other player can wear protective equipment. The hockey stick weighs 21 ounces. The game of hockey is based on two breaks. The hockey ball is always white and strong. The duration of a hockey break is approximately 35 minutes. In the game of hockey, a team is allowed to change three or four players.

Pakistan Hockey Team

Pakistan's hockey team first participated in international competitions in 1948. Ali was the first captain of the Pakistan hockey team.

The first National Hockey Championship in Pakistan was held in Lahore in 1948. Pakistan not only participated in the 1954 World Hockey Championships but also won a gold medal.

Famous Hockey Player of Pakistan

There are many famous and great hockey players in Pakistan. The list is long but some of these players have gained a lot of fame and popularity.

Naseer Shah

Atif Hameedi

Munir Dar








Pakistan's style of hockey is also called the Asian style. In which the players would give small passes to each other and take the ball between the players of the opposing team with lightning speed and attack the goal of the opposing team. European teams were also helpless in the face of the natural grass hockey style. So to thwart the Asian hockey style, European teams made changes to the rules and regulations. Artificial grass was preferred to natural grass for playing matches.

At the moment, despite the hard work and good play of the Pakistani players, they are not achieving the success that they have achieved in the past. That is why the Pakistani hockey team is no longer at the top of the world rankings.

Hockey’s Reputation

In addition to Pakistan, hockey is popular in India, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, and Argentina. The major hockey tournaments are the Olympics, the Champions Trophy, and the World Cup. The Pakistani team has performed very well in these past competitions.

Famous Hockey Players in World

Gordie Howe

Wayne Gretzky

Bobby Orr

Sidney Crossby


Mario Lemieux

Jean Beliveau

Bobby Hull

Mark Messier

Patrick Kane

Guy Lafleur

Stan Makita

Terry Sawchuk

Brad Marchand

Doug Harvey

Patrick Roy

Nicklas Lidstroam

Mike Bossy

Ken Dryden

Tuuka Rask

Eddie Sori

Henri Richard

Hockey’s Mistakes

Players also do some carelessness while playing hockey. Which can cause a lot of damage. For example, if two hockey players are playing hockey, they both try to move the ball in the opposite direction. While playing, a player does not think that if he lifts his hockey stick in the air, the stick may hit the other player in the face. And there may be damage.

But the International Hockey Federation (IHF) is also making similar rules. If a player makes such a mistake, he is disqualified or fined. He also apologizes to the player who injured him. The Hockey Federation also bans such players from playing if the situation is serious.

Is sport important for human life?

Sports are very important in human life. Sport improves physical health. It has been observed that athletes are physically stronger and more energetic than the average person. Along with physical health, sports are also an effective means of moral training. Players are taught to adhere to the rules of the game. If a player plays, he is going to win, but if he loses, he gladly accepts his failure. He overcomes his weaknesses and gets ready for the next match. Thus the game creates in a player the ability to be relaxed, high spirited, and constantly striving.


In this article, you will learn about the hockey game and its history. In addition, all the information about Hockey Olympics is being given here. What is the field of hockey and what are the positions of hockey players? And other countries betrayed Pakistan about hockey. You can read.

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