Pakistan's Natural Resources-Mineral Oil-Natural Gas-Natural Coal

Some natural resources of Pakistan are mineral oil, natural gas, and coal. Pakistan sells its natural resources to other countries. Especially gas and coal which Pakistan gives to other countries in large quantities. Companies that conserve certain natural resources in Pakistan make better use of gas, coal, and oil. And Pakistan uses about 60% of its natural resources.

Pakistan Natural’s Resources-Mineral Oil-Natural Gas-Natural Coal

Pakistan’s Mineral Oil

Introduction of Mineral Oil

Mineral oil, commonly called kerosene, has been used by people since ancient times. But they had no scientific way to extract oil from the earth. The United States first invented the scientific method of extracting oil from the earth in 1959 and later other countries started importing this method.

Discovery of oil in Pakistan 

Oil exploration in Pakistan began in 1868 before the partition of India. The first Attock Oil Company discovered oil in 1915 in Khor district Attock. Oil wells were drilled in 1937 in the Dalian district of Attock and 1944 in the Joyamir district of Jhelum and 1945 in the Blixar district of Jhelum. After the formation of Pakistan, oil wells were successfully drilled in 1956 in Karnal district of Attock and 1968 in Tat district of Attock, and 1969 in Kot Sazang and Mayal district of Attock. Oil was discovered in 1976 in the Dhodak district of Dera Ghazi Khan and 1978 in half of Rawalpindi district.

Oil factories and companies in Pakistan

  • Attock Refinery Limited Rawalpindi
  • Pakistan Refinery Limited Karachi
  • Pak Arab Refinery Limited Multan
  • Attock Oil Committee
  • Pakistan Oil Company Karsal
  • OGDC 1984-85
  • Union Texas Oil Company Karachi
  • OXY Company Dharnal

Use and Importance of Mineral  Oil

  • The importance of oil in the current era cannot be denied. Even today, the secret of all UAE countries is mineral oil.
  • The main reason for Iran's rapid growth in oil.
  • Oil is still widely used in homes for lighting, fire, and other purposes.
  • Even today, most of the factories and factories are full of oil.
  • Given the importance and usefulness of oil, even today developed countries are taking steps to seize the oil reserves.
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Government initiatives for oil development

  • New contracts were signed with domestic and foreign companies for oil exploration
  • Financial assistance was provided to domestic and foreign companies for oil exploration.
  • Factories were set up to refine oil.
  • OGDC Company was established.

Natural Gas of Pakistan

Introduction of Gas

This gas is also commonly called needle gas. This gas is a natural gift because it was first found in Sui. Which is derived from the earth. Pakistan supplies about 40 percent of its energy needs with natural gas. If oil is not extracted from the earth for a long time, then the oil takes the form of gas due to the internal temperature of the earth.

Pakistan Natural’s Resources-Mineral Oil-Natural Gas-Natural Coal
Pakistan Gas Factory

Gas Discovery

Pakistan Petroleum Limited discovered natural gas at Sui in 1952. Special attention was then paid to the discovery of gas. And at least 32 more deposits were discovered. But these gas reserves were not of equal importance in terms of quality. The gas of some reservoirs was of very high quality which was not very economically viable for Sui gas and gas of some reservoirs.

Gas companies in Pakistan

  1. Indus Company Arranged to supply gas from Sui to Karachi via pipeline.
  2. Sui Northern Company This Company managed to supply gas from Sui location to Multan area through the pipeline and later from the same pipeline gas was delivered to Faisalabad, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi area.
  3. The company discovered gas reserves in the Chhatkhel area near Sukkur district in Sindh province.
  4. OXY Company The company discovered mineral oil in the Dharnal area of ​​Chakwal district in 1980 and also discovered natural gas.
  5. Attock Oil Company Apart from oil exploration in the Balian area of ​​Attock District, the company also discovered natural gas reserves, and later gas was piped from these reserves to Rawalpindi and its adjoining areas.
  6. Field Limited Company This Company discovered natural gas in the area of ​​Attock district. Gas cylinders from this area are filled and sent to different parts of the country.

Use and Importance of Natural Gas

  • About 40% of the country's needs are met by natural gas.
  • Gas is widely used for cooking and avoiding cold and other domestic purposes.
  • Many of the country's factories and factories run on gas.
  • In the present era, the importance of gas has increased with the operation of the CNG engine.
  • Gas can also be used as an alternative to electricity.
  • Gas is easier to find and cheaper than oil and coal.


Introduction of Coal

Coal was found here even before the formation of Pakistan. Regular extraction of coal from Pakistan's mines began in 1987. Initially, the amount of coal discovered was very small, but the reserves that were discovered later, substantially reduced the coal shortage. In our country, Pakistan. The coil found is not of high quality. Rather, it is third-rate coal. Which cannot melt iron. This is because it contains less carbon and more sulfur and smoke. And this coal meets only five percent of the country's needs and has to be imported to meet the rest.

Pakistan Natural’s Resources-Mineral Oil-Natural Gas-Natural Coal
Coal Production

Production of Coal

Experts believe that forests were buried underground thousands of years ago. And keep a layer of dust on them. Even thousands of years later, no one dug them out of the earth and due to the internal temperature of the earth, these forests took the form of coal. This coal is now being extracted from the earth and used for various purposes.

Coal Mines in Pakistan

Kohistan Salt Mines: The chain of these coal mines starts from Khiora in the Khushab district. The northeast stretches for several miles. The coal obtained from here is of a useless type.

Makarwal Mines: The chain of these coal mines extends from Kalabagh in Mianwali district to Makarwal and the quality of coal obtained from here is better than other mines.

Mines of Balochistan: Province The province of Balochistan has huge coal reserves in the area of ​​Ghost, Harnai Machh, and Shah Rig. Anything that comes out of these ears is superior.

Mines of Sindh Province: There are two major coal deposits in Sindh province. There is an ear of a wolf. These mines extend from Lakhra in Daru District to Khanot Railway Station in the west. And the other ear is the meeting jumper's ear.

Mines in NWFP: Coal mines are found in the area of ​​Charat, Nowshera in NWFP.

Use and Importance of Coal

  • Coal can be used for domestic use.
  • Coal is used in kilns to make bricks.
  • Coal is a great source of trade.
  • Trains can also be run with the help of coal.
  • High-quality coal is also used to melt iron.

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