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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a term used to earn online money on commission bases by selling different companies or people's products.

This commission can be 10% to 70%.  It depends on the product’s variety and its price.

What is Affiliate Marketing-How to Earn Online Money with Affiliate Marketing
What is Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, when you sell a company's products that they have recently launched, by advertising and promoting, In return that company gives you a commission on every click and every sale, this is called affiliate marketing.

It can also be said that

Taking money from the companies or from their owners for selling, promoting, and advertising their items is called Affiliate Marketing.

Today, it is a big online earning source that enables hundreds of people to earn their living.

After joining the Affiliate Marketing program, the company provides a referral link to the product you want to sell and promotes. You can get a handsome commission by sharing that link on different platforms to make people visit their company and buy that product.  The percentage of the commission depends on the price, range, popularity, need, and demand of the products you choose.

Programs of Affiliate Marketing

Many websites and programs are offering affiliate marketing to promote their business and increase their sales and profit. The basic purpose of offering Affiliate programs is to promote the business, increase sales and advertise their different products worldwide.

What is Affiliate Marketing-How to Earn Online Money with Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate programs

Some of the most popular Affiliate Marketing programs are:

  • ·     Amazon Associate Program
  • ·     Ali Baba Affiliate Program
  • ·     Ali Express
  • ·     Ace Hardware Affiliate Program
  • ·     Skim Links Affiliate Program

Free Sign-Up

Most of the programs and websites offer free sign-up or free login. So to earn through Affiliate Marketing you have not need to invest. It is free and easy to start with these programs. Here if you know about the demanding and hit products you can start earning through Affiliate programs or websites.

Best Affiliate Marketing Program

For good earnings, you have to choose the best Affiliate program and the most demanding market products for a good sale. The most demanding product can make your sale, and earning level on the top within days. For the best program, you must have good knowledge of all programs, products, and their sales and needs. For knowledge, you have to be a part of that market. The more you know about the need and demand for the product, the more you will have the chance of getting double your earnings.

If you would not have not enough knowledge about the products you are going to promote, it would be nothing just to waste your energy and time. Your product may be software, any service, product, book, shoes, gadgets, etc. For keeping knowledge you must have an interest in your selected program and. product your knowledge about the products may depend on your interest. Because your interest can help you a lot to promote and advertise the product. But your interest is not primary here your knowledge is primary. 

Terms of Affiliate Marketing

CPA.      Cost per action. (Will give commission per action like download, sign up, etc)

CPS.      Cost per sale.  (Will give earnings per sale of the item)

CPR.     Cost per rating point.

EPC.      Earning per click. (Earning per action)

CPP.    Cost per point

CPR and CPP both are almost similar and it is very much clear from the names of all these terms what is the earning criteria of Affiliate marketing programs. Here your earnings may be from your product’s sale, action, click rating point, etc. Each of them has different earning criteria of percentage. It may be 10%, 20% or even 70% to 80%. 

How to Promote a Product

After getting the link to your desired product or software now it is time to promote that product to make good earnings. So here are different platforms through which you can easily promote your products and get desired results.  Most common and easy are the social media platforms like: 

What is Affiliate Marketing-How to Earn Online Money with Affiliate Marketing
Promote Your Product

·       YouTube

·       Facebook

·       Instagram

·       LinkedIn

·       Pinterest

·       Quora

·       WhatsApp

·       Viber

·       Share chat

Along with social media, you can also promote your products through your website or blog by writing articles or blog posts on different products. That is the main reason that Affiliate marketing is considered one of the most popular and easy online earning sources. Easy in the sense that it is free, with zero investment, and without any fear of scams.

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