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Try these Ways to Deal with Stubborn Kids

Many children have stubborn temper tantrums or disobedience. Sometimes children are more stubborn in front of guests or at an event which becomes a problem for parents.  Children's stubbornness makes parents grumpy and they become irritable.  They start expressing anger even on ordinary things. 

Why are Children Stubborn

Often parents have a habit of mentioning their children's stubborn anger and unpleasant habits in front of other people all the time, due to which this habit of the child increases even more.  goes  Few parents know that the reasons for stubbornness and anger in children are much deeper and it is very important to explain them.  Scolding, beating, and other punishments do not end this habit but increase it. It is very important to understand the real reason to end stubbornness and anger.  The habit of stubbornness in children is due to several reasons. Now it is up to the parents to find out why the child is stubborn and what should be done to remedy it.

A solution to Stubborn-Children


Stubborn children are generally insecure.  The reason for this can be anything. Absence of one of the parents. Disagreement between parents, family quarrels. Excessive busyness of parents. Not giving time to children.  Incompatibility with others Physical pain Losing too much weight Parents giving more importance to the child Always talking about their child in front of others Protecting the child more than necessary or in the physical disability of the child etc.  

Why are Children Stubborn

All these reasons can make the child insecure and cause stubbornness and anger in the child.  Even if the parents give more importance to the child, the children become insecure. This does not create self-confidence in the children and creates fear and fear inside them, due to which the children do at every opportunity.  Reluctance to get the attention of the parents. This balance in the attitude of the parents is very important and the child should also avoid giving too much attention.

Jealousy and Irritability in Children

Jealousy and jealousy are born in children from a very young age and it starts with siblings. Some children are not naturally sociable and have to be taught. Children are jealous and resentful of their own siblings, which they cannot express, and satisfy this emotion through stubbornness and vandalism. The arrival of a younger sibling in the house increases the anxiety of the child, they become mentally anxious and anger becomes part of their nature.

Give Importance to Children

Experts believe that children should be considered adults and should be included in the affairs of the house depending on their age and their opinion should be taken. They should be included in the advice. It is right to talk to the child about every new change coming into the house. By doing this, the children are mentally prepared for everything and they do not have any kind of fear or apprehension.

Stubbornness, Anger and Mischief

Children's mental, physical and emotional development is rapid. If children do not get opportunities to spend their mental and physical energy, this energy is wasted in destructive anger and mischief. Knowing these strengths, it is important to provide opportunities for children to use their physical and mental strengths positively. Engaging in children's play is a good way to engage a child.
Through sports, children learn to be patient, win, lose, and get along. If the parents also participate in the children's play for some time, then the children's personality gets a good match. The toys given to children should be fewer toys that are operated by switches or cells and more toys that stimulate the creative mind. Hobbies like painting and drawing are very helpful in releasing anger and stubborn feelings in children. Try to engage children in some activity to overcome their stubbornness.

Why are Children Stubborn

Searching for an Ideal

Children are always looking for ideals. First of all, they make their parents their ideals. If the parents are angry, then the children adopt this mood very quickly. Parents should first analyze themselves so that there is no anger and stubbornness in their mood. Children who are more stubborn and disruptive are suffering from some kind of mental confusion. First of all, methods should be adopted to remove this confusion.
(1) Do not pay attention to the child when he is being stubborn, but keep an eye on him. 
(2) Praise the child in front of other people in front of guests so that he is not angry and stubborn. 
(3) Try to keep the child busy.  
(4) Take care that the child does not have any physical pain.  
(5) Parents should analyze their mood to see if anger and stubbornness are not included in their mood to an unusual extent.  

Why are Children Stubborn

(6) Meet the school and college teachers to find out that the child has no mental problems. 
(7) Do not compare the child with other children but compare the child's performance with his previous performance. Try to find every small and big quality of the child and highlight it in front of the child.  
(8) For every good work, give the child a small reward in some form, this will encourage the child. 


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